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Carry On Cocktail Kit - Gin/Vodka & Tonic

Gin/Vodka & Tonic

While anyone who's flown in business/first class knows made-to-order cocktails are one of the perks, everyone else just feels lucky when the flight attendant finally makes it back to their row. Only to hand you the tiniest bag of salted nuts and a meager offering of soft drinks, juice or water. And even though you're willing to pony up the cash to buy a cocktail, you know you're just going to be disappointed by it.....that is, until now.

The guys at W&P Design and PUNCH have created this novel kit that gives you that bartender-made cocktail at 30,000 feet. So I recently purchased a couple kits to give them a try and see how they stack up with what I'd expect from a bar. First on deck was my stand-by drink, a Vodka Tonic using their Gin and Tonic Kit. Yes I know they're not exactly the same but substitute gin for vodka, and boom, problem solved.

The kits are large enough to make 2 drinks and include tonic syrup, a 1/2 oz jigger, a bar spoon, a linen coaster, and mixing instructions. The instructions also explain what you'll need to get from the flight attendant, 1 mini-bottle (50mL) of gin, a cup of ice, a can of club soda and a lime or lemon wedge. In my case, I procured a selection of my favorite vodkas, Kettle One and Tito's and (in case you're taking a Korean Airlines business class flight) a bottle of Sky. 

It's a straight-forward mix of all the ingredients and the jigger makes measuring the perfect amount of tonic syrup easy. But the real question is how does it taste? Actually, really good! The key to its flavor is the small batch tonic syrup. W&P did a great job sourcing and bottling enough to make 2 drinks. And in my experience, I was able to make 3 drinks. SCORE! 

Stand by for the follow up.... Bloody Mary Kit.